About…Me, What do you get?
Name: John Martin

Age: Oldish

Birthday: 18th May

Position: Consultant

Experience: 20+ years in major Plc & small businesses

Speciality: Business Solutions

Favourite Social Media: Facebook

Favourite Movie: A Good Year

Favourite Book: My Notebook

Favourite Quote: It’s OK to try and fail, just don’t fail to try.

    What do you get?

I’m passionate about what I do, whom ever I work for. My aim is to understand you and your business to bring the best of both out for the World to see and make you successful.

I have over 20 years of business experience working in major blue chip companies and small start-up businesses. 

I’ve had success and failures and I’ve learnt from everything I’ve done. 

I’ve worked in nearly every role possible in a business and understand the stresses and strains of commerce.

But the main reason to talk is that you need help...

Specific areas of business expertise:

Automotive; Technology; FMCG; Licensed trade; Grocery.